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Year 6's excursion to Canberra

Week 7 term 3 2022

Year 6 had the opportunity to explore Canberra discovering more about their curriculum based topics of Parliament and Nationhood. It was wonderful to be back in the Nation's Capital after the enforced break of the last two years. Some of the highlights included visiting the Arboretum and the Canberra Zoo where some of the party got up close and personal with the reptiles!

The excursion was packed with activity and included a visit to Parliament House, the High Court of Australia and the Anzac Parade which was inspirational for our Year 6 students. The group definitely made the most of their time away coming home tired but satisfied they had spent each moment productively growing connections across the year group all the time.

Some of students highlighted their favourite memories:


The first place we visited was the Arboretum, which collects and cares for rare and endangered species of plants. We got to go orienteering, which is when you are given a map and go around to collect markers. It was tiring, but a lot of fun!

It was very interesting looking at all the Bonsai, and seeing who planted them, when they were planted, the species and the scientific name.


The National Science and Technology Centre is an interactive science communication facility in Canberra, Australia. It is a museum with more than 200 interactive exhibits relating to science and technology.


First we met the tour guide going to show us around the zoo his name is Rob. He had us sit down by the gift shop. He came back with a corn snake, I answered two of his questions. He let us pet the snake. Next he took us to see some Australian animals, first we saw two tassie devils. We also saw some koalas and we fed an emu some apples. After that he let us go on our own to look at the rest of the animals. We saw a lot of animals, and we also went to a really fun playground. I was riding a buffalo and a crocodile. I had a lot of fun and I would definitely go back.


When we first got to the Museum of Australian Democracy, (old Parliament house) we acknowledged the traditional custodians of the land we were gathering on. Then we went up to the workshop room, where we were put into 6 groups, one large box with each group. We were told to open our boxes and see what was inside. They were campaigns for either for or against the damming of the Franklin river in Tasmania. My box had two magnifying glasses, some fossils, an informational piece on Thylacines and a lab coat. The box was clearly against the damming. After we had all explained our boxes we headed off into the House of Representatives room and acted out the debate the government had about the Franklin river. We learned that the government in charge (who was against the damming) won the case, and the Franklin river was left alone. It was an educational experience, and I think I would definitely go back again.

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