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Year 7 'Kick Off' Camp

Week 5 Term 1, 2024

Attunga was an amazing experience where Year 7 could learn lots of new things and face our fears. The 17m drop on The Giant Swing terrorized us all as we were flung out across the canyon. We also got the chance to visit 14 amazing horses: Samson, Lila, Digby, Bandit, Bailey and Clara just to name a few. We had a fun time braiding their manes and watching them canter around the arena. We really enjoyed speeding down a thin rope, hitting 50km an hour, dangling above the tall treetops on the Valley Fox. Quite a peaceful ride…until you swing up 180 degrees at the end. The best group, The Puggles, started off with a bang…literally! A plane with 2 hostages had crash-landed in the middle of the ocean. The clock was ticking, and time was running out to save our friends on the rafts we had just finished building. Baking cakes with poisonous blueberries and a few killer aliens, something you would always expect when doing archery! The Puggles finished off the experience with some trust building challenges. Walking across logs over a pool of lava was our favourite team-building challenge as we raced against the clock to finish first…with only 3 deaths along the way! Overall, we had a great time and would love to go back again.

Written by Katherine Hyde 7 Clare McCormick



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