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Year 7 on Camp

March 2023

"It was an awesome time," Mrs Emily Deighton, Stage 4 Coordinator was ecstatic with how Year 7 went at the Attunga camp last week. When seeking to decide on the best part of the trip it was summed up by, "The students were amazing!"

In terms of activities Year 7 packed their time in the Southern Highlands with team building, opportunities to challenge and stretch themselves as well as having fun. Active, group based activity was punctuated with quieter reflective time including great chats about who God is and how much He loves each one of us.

George, Aaliayah and Claire were exuberant in their descriptions of the time away: "What did we enjoy the most? The archery! Yes, the archery! And the food. The food was amazing!!"

"Building rafts to cross the water with bamboo and rope. Then we got on them to test them, but Barry came along and undid the ropes!!"

"The zip line was amazing. Called the 'Valley Fox' it is 400m long, with a 15m drop and you travel at 50km/per hr. Pulling the string on the high swing was really scary."

The sunset walk was a particular favourite amongst teachers and students and if you look at the photos below you might see why.



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