" I’ve been surprised
by the challenges and opportunities
available in the subjects
using the STEM concepts."

Senior Student



"In a world of increasing technology STEM brings together traditional disciplines in mutual relevancy allowing students to apply subjects to modern challenges and problems not even imagined."

Mr Phillip Wilson

The STEM programs at the College give children opportunities to solve real world problems, grow in confidence and acquire skills that enable them to tackle challenges not only at school but also in life. STEM is an integral part of learning from Preschool and Junior School, growing in complexity through the more Senior years.

Technology and Applied Studies

One of the great opportunities our students have through the STEM programs is participation in a number of National and International technology challenges – from aeronautical engineering competitions in association with Wollongong University, to an 4x4 off-road vehicle challenge which involves a vast array of skills from mechanics to electronics to marketing, to maritime engineering and hydrodynamics challenges as students design and build an operational submarine in the SUBS in Schools Technology Challenge.

To find out more about our STEM challenges at Wagga Wagga Christian College,