" I’ve been surprised
by the challenges and opportunities
available in the subjects
using the STEM concepts."

Senior Student



"In a world of increasing technology STEM brings together traditional disciplines in mutual relevancy allowing students to apply subjects to modern challenges and problems not even imagined."

Mr Phillip Wilson

The STEM programs at the College give children opportunities to solve real world problems, grow in confidence and acquire skills that enable them to tackle challenges not only at school but also in life. STEM is an integral part of learning from Preschool and Junior School, growing in complexity through the more Senior years.

Technology and Applied Studies

One of the great opportunities our students have through the STEM programs is participation in a number of National and International technology challenges – from aeronautical engineering competitions in association with Wollongong University, to an 4x4 off-road vehicle challenge which involves a vast array of skills from mechanics to electronics to marketing, to maritime engineering and hydrodynamics challenges as students design and build an operational submarine.


For a deeper understanding of the heart of STEM at Wagga Wagga Christian College,

" The subjects of maths, science and technology have a history of strength at WWCC because we see these as critical to young men and women’s growth and development. I find, after 46 years of teaching, my enthusiasm for seeing children grow and develop has only increased."

 Dr John Sewell  


One of the things that generates the “Wow!” factor amongst students of science is to look through a telescope to see things like the rings of Saturn, the Orion nebula, the Pleiades star cluster near the Southern Cross, the globular cluster called Omega Centauri or any other of countless objects in the night sky. Many thousands of features are so faint that we need to take very long exposure photographs to even see them.

At the College, we are developing our equipment and expertise in order to allow all of our students to take an active interest in astronomy. Over a number of years we have celebrated astronomical events such as the transit of Venus, viewing a solar eclipse, super moons and lunar eclipses.

Every March students, parents and staff from the College go into the Snowy Mountains for Astro Camp, combining science, fun, relationship, telescopes and hearty meals brings astronomy to life in a way that no classroom can.  Astro Camp takes the latest technology to explore the stars giving the students a different scale and perspective into God’s creation.

The College currently has access to a 10” Dobsonian reflector, a 11.4cm GoTo reflector and a Coronado solar telescope. Future developments include obtaining a research sized reflector telescope and incorporating this and a radio telescope into a proposed science centre.

Read the latest on the Astro Science Education Centre at the College. 

A WORD FROM THE Head of Junior School

"The STEM program in Junior School assists in building resilient, self-motivated learners through the development of skills in reasoning, inquiry and problem solving. Students participate in hands-on activities involving coding, robotics,touch typing, 3D printing and Microsoft Suite, delivered by an expert teacher in the field. To support this program each class has access to a set of laptops as well as the College computer lab. We are committed to providing a strong foundation in STEM to ensure students are well equipped as they move into various mathematical, engineering and technology fields
in the senior years."

Dr Jane Greenlees