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The College has a vibrant Student Leadership program which engages students across the College community. Our aim is to build leadership skills in our students and give them the opportunity to contribute to the culture of the College.

Structured leadership opportunities start from the last years of Primary School and grow with the maturity of students right through Secondary School leading to the opportunities which our senior students have to be role models to the student body.

We want to see leadership grown and developed in students so it becomes an instinctive opportunity to serve. The leadership program is inspired by Christlike servanthood.

The Student Leadership structure allows students from the Year 10 and Year 11 cohort to nominate for student leadership for the following year. These students are then interviewed and chosen to lead a variety of Leadership Groups. Student leaders need to be able to profess a maturing, personal Christian faith. Leadership groups are made up of students from across the College and they organise activities as well as performing and participating in a number of local community activities.


The College is committed to increasing the influence that students can have over the richness of their own spiritual, social and intellectual lives. The College is committed to raising a generation of young people who are willing to make the sacrifices needed to take on responsibility and leadership roles.


Student leadership groups vary from year to year but usually offer opportunities of service across the following areas:

  • Agriculture

  • Café Service

  • Canteen

  • Cattle

  • Community and Fundraising

  • Cycling

  • DAGS (Drama)

  • Digital Design

  • Library

  • Music

  • Sport

  • Student Health & Wellbeing

  • Technology

  • Welcome to Worship

  • Worship Band

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