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Efficient technology is at the heart of a successful delivery of educational resources to each College student. The College Tech Hub works to continue technology delivery in such a way to ensure the best educational outcome for students and teaching staff.

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The Tech Hub team of Daniel Strachan, IT Service Delivery Manager and Connor Wilson, Technical Support Officer offer support to students, teachers and support staff in all areas of technology. The Tech Hub can be found next to the Computer Room in the Library Building. Students and parents can contact IT during College hours to resolve technology issues by phoning 02 6923 8890.


The Tech Hub can help you login to College websites and tools, reset passwords, help guide you to courses, tools etc. 

At the Tech Hub you will find charging ports for:

  • ACER Laptops

  • Lenovo Laptops

  • USB C Generic Chargers

Students can access these charging ports before school, recess or lunchtimes.

If you are experiencing hardware issues for College issued Acer and Lenovo devices the Tech Hub can review the problem. If needed the team will look to have a device dropped in for repair/loan issuance, or may arrange to have Acer or Lenovo visit you at home.

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– What does that mean?


Sometimes technological terms can be baffling. Hear are some of the platforms that are common across the College.


Canvas is an online platform which serves the student and teacher in their online learning experience. Canvas allows for input of information by both the teachers and students, it offers a means of communication and assessment. Canvas provides familiar, consistent learning tools during the entire student experience. On Canvas students receive classwork, assignments and feedback. Canvas is accessed by students using the standard student username and password. To reset your username and password please contact the Tech Hub Team.



Clickview is a Video Learning application that allows teachers and students to access curriculum related video material to assist with their teaching and learning. It works in a similar fashion to YouTube, in that users can upload video or audio material. The service has a wide variety of videos in a range of subcategories that can apply to all fields of study. Access to ClickView is now streamlined so that Year 7 to 12 students at the College can use their standard student username and password for immediate access.

google classroom

Stage 3 (Years 5 & 6) teachers are using the online application Google Classroom to communicate with students remotely, for homework tasks and parent communication. Teachers post comments, assignments, learning outcomes on Google Classrooms. Students can respond with answers, feedback and questions just as though they were in the classroom. Students benefit from seeing the feedback from all their classmates.

Google Classroom

Microsoft Teams for Education

MS Teams is a collaboration and online meeting space allowing video and audio conferencing, live chat, live documents etc. Teachers and students can work collectively on materials in real time.

Microsoft Teams for Education


Seesaw is an online platform available for all Preschool and Primary School families which allows connection between teachers, parents and students. Each family has a unique code for their children in Primary School to access this platform. Teachers regularly post information, photos and videos on the class account which parents and students can then respond to. A great way to stay in contact with your class community. If you do not have your login details please contact your class teacher.


Parent Resources - Tools for Wise Technology use

In an everchanging, complex environment where children often have a better understanding of the latest app, game, or platform than their parents, how do we guide our children to make good decisions and use technology wisely?

The College Counsellor, together with Mr Phillip Wilson, Principal, have presented parent seminars on these challenges.

Learn more about strategies in parenting in complex times here +

Parent Resources
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