The College staff are dedicated in their care for each child at the College. Structures and programs ensure the individual needs of each child are recognised but it is the heart that each staff member has for the students that impacts lives.

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"We have had a confidence in the teaching staff, that they had genuine care for our child, they had a deep understanding of his abilities, strengths and weaknesses and were willing to put themselves out in time, energy and emotion to enable him to reach his goals."

College Parent, Year 11 Student

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"I seek for each student to know how highly God values them, whilst also keeping them accountable to the goals they aspire to achieve. We all need someone to listen to us, and I am blessed to be able to share the wisdom of many years of teaching, and living, with our Senior students."

Mrs Belinda Everingham, Senior Teacher


The College Counselling Service is available to the College student and parent community.

From time to time, we all need assistance to get through life’s challenges, assist our children and be the best we can be when raising our children.

This service includes student support, individual student counselling, family counselling, parent support, student behaviour management assistance, parent educational seminars, group work and student seminars.

We aim to be proactive and provide timely responses for students and families in need. Our values are based in integrity, honesty, excellence and professionalism.

This service is free and aims to provide a counselling service in a caring, safe, non-judgemental environment for all students and families.


If you would like to know more about this service or to make a booking, please contact
Stephanie Jarratt on 6923 8888 within school hours Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Meet the COLLEGE counsellor

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Stephanie is an author, parent, social worker, counsellor, researcher and mental health professional with additional training in advanced counselling and trained in United States in child trauma.


Helpful Links

Regular parent information sessions are held at the College. Below you will find more information aimed at offering resources and structures to help parents navigate challenges as children grow and mature.

COVID-19 Caring for Our Community

COVID-19 has presented our community with a series of challenges. The College knows that, in times of crisis, we need to walk together in partnership to not only meet the educational needs of our students but, also to provide a safe place that cares for our children providing them with a strong sense of normality, predictability and consistency. 

We trust that we can walk the road we are on together, encouraging and supporting one another. If you or someone you know needs support please do not hesitate to contact the College Counsellor through the College Office on 6923 8888.


Discover resources aimed at supporting your child through these uncertain times here.