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"In and around the technology used at the College, an important aspect of WWCC is
help students to make wise choices about technology use

The children are being equipped for a life of strong decision-making in the world they are engaging

Lisa Dumicich, Interim Principal

Technology is part of every learning environment, just as it is part of every facet of our lives. The College has a constantly growing and adaptive array of the latest pieces of equipment to aid teaching and learning as we seek to equip students for life.

At the College we have three guidelines which give direction and boundaries to student and staff use of technology both in and out of the classroom:

  • Students and teachers form a partnership within a learning community. There are responsibilities on both sides. Students primarily being the learners and staff being the teacher mentors. It is when technology compliments both sides of the partnership not detracting or becoming the main focus that technology has the ability to strengthen and improve the teacher/student relationship in learning.

  • The use of information technology should be based around respect. The content viewed, the purpose of the communication, the motivation for the enquiry, the integrity of classmates, staff and parents, must be bourne out of love and care for one another. Technology is to be used as a respectful servant, not a tool for hurt and harm.

  • Technology is one of a number of valuable resources used in teaching. It is about balance. It’s about how any one of these resources works with and complements the other. The balanced approach to learning can take place where a wide range of skills are instilled in children, not a narrow window of viewing the world.

Recycled Paper

"Technology is not neutral. It can be a wonderful enhancement or a crippling distraction to learning. At its best Technology can be used to help us better understand God’s
creation and solve problems in the world, at it’s worst it can be used for destruction and
evil. We want to help form our students into wise, discerning users of technology."

Lisa Dumicich Interim Principal

To find out more about (STEM) Science Stem Technology Engineering and Maths and how technology is used, everyday in student learning,at the College, click here +

Efficient technology is at the heart of a successful delivery of educational resources to each College student. The College Tech Hub works to continue technology delivery in such a way to ensure the best educational outcome for students and teaching staff.


The Tech Hub team is centrally located in the Library building and open to students and parents in their resolution of College related technology issues. The team is committed to providing a high-quality service which enhances and enables the work of education whether the students or teachers are physically at the College or logging into classes and classwork remotely.


Find out more about Tech Hub services, opening hours and contact details,

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