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Mr P Wilson, Principal

Welcome to Wagga Wagga Christian College, a school which is first and foremost a Christian community committed to excellence in the education of students.

We are committed to honouring Christ in all aspects of our school.
I’m very encouraged by the way our Staff and Board are dedicated to best practice in our teaching practice, school structures and relationships.

We have a vibrant, positive school culture with excellent results attained in a variety of external assessments. Current and past students continue to excel and surpass expectation, leaving school prepared to make decisions which honour God and use their gifts in service to others.

The structures and facilities that we enjoy, and are developing in response to the needs of our growing College community, are modern and well planned.

The College Staff and I would be only too happy to answer particular questions that you might have and to show you and your family around our College. I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

MR Phillip Wilson, Principal

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​In Christ, partnering with families in providing excellent academic and practical education, preparing students to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly before God.

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"Staff invest in more than just the academic classroom engagement, they invest in the heart of the child’s development, that is, knowing who they are, what they might achieve and their place in the world and before God."

Mr Phillip Wilson



The Staff’s willingness to build strong relationships with students that then encourages strong learning and growth is a defining part of our staff culture.


All staff members at the College are committed Christians and actively involved in their local church. This passion sets them apart as mentors and teachers for our children.

Click on the staff images below to find out more about these leaders in our College community.

Come and meet them.....

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"With all the different messages that our world throws at our children, the message of hope, and a life of service will be at the heart of what the College seeks for all our students."

Mr Phillip Wilson


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The authentic Christian community is the very heartbeat of the College – a community of caring, committed staff, where students learn, grow and serve, and parents and families are involved and supported through partnership.

Safe, inspiring grounds, modern facilities and an environment conducive to good learning are an important part of a Board’s responsibilities but they only have strength and purpose when the work that is conducted within those walls and grounds honours God, partners with parents, serves students and encourages the highest possible teaching.

As a Board we are committed to ensuring the ongoing fulfilment of the College’s vision and mission, and the educational responsibilities that are foundational to Wagga Wagga Christian College.

Emma McCormick, Board Chairperson and College Parent