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"Preschool students are spontaneous, playful, energetic,  loving, creative, and curious. 
They are unique." 

Dr Jane Greenlees  
Head of Primary School   


3 to 5 year olds
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Our Preschool is available for 2 to 5 day programs, and aims to provide a stimulating start as your child takes their first steps in their school education. We seek to create the smoothest of transitions from Preschool to Kindergarten. We want children to feel comfortable and safe with the familiarity of people and places in the College community.


As children move through Preschool, we assist them as they develop more independence and strive to extend themselves, while growing in their own faith in Jesus. We have been very purposeful regarding the teaching and support staff in the Preschool, ensuring there is a unique blend of gifts for the smooth running of the class and care for the children.

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head of preschool

Meet the nominated supervisor of PRESCHOOL

Jane Greenlees

Our Staff are committed to the care and development of each child in the Preschool it is wonderful to see the genuine and personal relationships our students have with our staff, extending into future years of the College.


As Head of Primary School at the College I have the privilege of leading the Preschool Educational team in the care and education of our Preschool children.

Our team seeks to foster the joy that surfaces so readily in children of this age as they enjoy success in their accomplishments, discovering and investigating new things. It is here they start their journey of learning through investigations and play and our educators help the children transition into school readiness, investing time into not just their social development but their academic achievements also.

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"Our Preschool aims to celebrate the naturally inquiring and curious minds of the children, to develop and grow their faith in Jesus and to prepare them well for Kindergarten. We are privileged to be in the forefront of a child’s personal journey into their formal education."

Dr Jane Greenlees, Head of Primary School

Our Preschool

is Christ CentERed

All learning is based on a fundamental belief that the world belongs to God, that He made Jesus ruler and redeemer of all things and that His Spirit works in each of us, growing us to reflect Him more clearly. College staff are devoted Christians who seek humbly to display Christ-likeness in word and action. They actively share their understanding and knowledge of the Bible with students across all subject areas.

Our Preschool

Our Preschool is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to learning. There is a deep focus on allowing children opportunities to explore their world and interests through fostering their natural curiosity for learning. Our teaching is child-directed, meaning our learning investigations come directly from the students. This mirrors the Primary School, supporting the smooth transition into Kindergarten.

Our Preschool

is part of a greater whole

The location of Preschool within the College enables us to draw upon the resources of the broader campus and expand the world of our Preschool children. We have access to facilities such as the library, science rooms, art rooms, agricultural plots, Multi-Purpose Centre and sports grounds. Our children often receive visits from College staff and older students, bringing the wider community into our own classrooms. This provides children with an introduction to these areas, giving them confidence to know what they are looking forward to when they transition to Kindergarten. It is a unique stepping-stone from Preschool to Kindergarten due to this strong link with the wider community of the College.

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"The teachers are amazing and the facilities are beautiful, but the most important factor to me is that my daughter asks me every morning with a big smile if she can go to ‘my school’ today."

Preschool parent

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