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The Board Members

The core business of the College Board is to implement the objects of the Constitution and to take responsibility for the vision, character, broad directions and plans of the College, protecting its viability and reputation.

The Board Members are the ‘keepers of the College vision’.

College Vision

Both my husband and I were blessed to be nurtured and educated within Christian schools, where Christ centred-ness extended from our family homes, to encompass both our church communities and schooling environments.

It is with this experience, that we are committed to Christian schooling for our children. The opportunity for children to learn about our sovereign God in all aspects of life - hearing the same message in different settings, by different people, to best equip them for being followers of Christ and adults in this world.

Christian education blessed me as a student and I—with wife Cindy—have loved seeing three children and two grand-children engage with WWCC.


Our family witnesses and benefits from God’s love in action through staff and other students; by growing in faith in Jesus, service and learning our kids are increasingly enabled to recognise and begin realising purposeful plans for their lives.


I have a background of disability support, chaplaincy, SRE and church oversight, as well as education studies, print media and small business.

I and my wife Karen have had children enrolled at the College since 2017. I believe Christian schools are important to provide parents a valid alternative of education which can support their worldview.  It also gives opportunity for the ethos of the school to be shaped by the values of our Christian faith, including love, grace, compassion and the reminder that God is always with us. 

I have experience serving as a pastor with Baptist Churches of NSW, have served on another school board, worked in various other fields and operate my own business.

I’m a pastor with over three decades of experience on two continents in four congregations of varying sizes. I have been married slightly longer than that to Leonie and we are blessed with three daughters, one settled in marriage and the youngest in Secondary school.


I strongly support Christian Education in a formal school setting because it inculcates a Biblical worldview in students that is markedly different from the cultural worldview in which we live. Christian schools also have a crucial role in supporting the parents, not only in fostering a high quality education, but in nurturing the students’ growing life of faith.

I believe serving on the Board of Wagga Wagga Christian College puts me in the role of Aaron & Hur in Exodus 17:10-13, who held up Moses’ arms while God’s people engaged in battle. As long as Moses’ arms were held aloft the battle raged in favour of God’s people. In a position of governance on the College Board it is my aim to “hold up the arms” of the Executive leadership and staff of the College, so that they will ably meet the challenges of each day on campus.

I believe as a parent that I am entrusted with an important responsibility and assignment to train up children in the way they should go, teaching them to seek God’s wisdom and will for their abilities and talents (Proverbs 22.6). In addition, I believe I have a mandate from God to provide my children the best possible opportunities to learn, grow and develop in an atmosphere of faith. It is on this premise that I enrolled my children, including my extended family, at the College since 2009. I believe that Christ centred education, academic development and equipping every child with a hope and a future has never been so crucial and relevant as in a time such as this.


Working in the community services sector with women & children for more than 14 years, I strongly believe that training and teaching children the way of God is foundational to achieve God's very best on top of accessing excellent academic opportunities.

It is with this conviction, I was happy to join the Board to partner and contribute to the vision of Wagga Wagga Christian College.

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