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The Board Members

The core business of the College Board is to implement the objects of the Constitution and to take responsibility for the vision, character, broad directions and plans of the College, protecting its viability and reputation.

The Board Members are the ‘keepers of the College vision’.

College Vision

Both my husband and I were blessed to be nurtured and educated within Christian schools, where Christ centred-ness extended from our family homes, to encompass both our church communities and schooling environments.

It is with this experience, that we are committed to Christian schooling for our children. The opportunity for children to learn about our sovereign God in all aspects of life - hearing the same message in different settings, by different people, to best equip them for being followers of Christ and adults in this world.

Since moving to Wagga in 2003 I have worked as a Project Manager in Facilities Management at CSU, and assisted our pastor with administrative support.

I have a great appreciation for the work Christian Schools do since our children came out of the Public education system and into the Christian College in Year 7.  Without realising it at the time, I think the College vision which starts with “In Christ, partnering with families.....” sums up beautifully what we wanted for our children, someone to partner with us as we guide the children God gave us into adulthood and them being very aware of God in all aspects of life. 

My professional career in Bookkeeping and Finance has allowed me to serve the College for sometime on the Finance Committee and now on the Board. I am thankful for how God uses our 'secular' skills for His Kingdom.

I and my wife Karen have had children enrolled at the College since 2017. I believe Christian schools are important to provide parents a valid alternative of education which can support their worldview.  It also gives opportunity for the ethos of the school to be shaped by the values of our Christian faith, including love, grace, compassion and the reminder that God is always with us. 

I have experience serving as a pastor with Baptist Churches of NSW, have served on another school board, worked in various other fields and operate my own business.

Christian education blessed me as a student and I—with wife Cindy—have loved seeing three children and two grand-children engage with WWCC.


Our family witnesses and benefits from God’s love in action through staff and other students; by growing in faith in Jesus, service and learning our kids are increasingly enabled to recognise and begin realising purposeful plans for their lives.


I have a background of disability support, chaplaincy, SRE and church oversight, as well as education studies, print media and small business.

Christian schools are important because they not only provide a biblical perspective on education but also provide a supportive environment for children to actively live out their faith and grow knowing that the staff hold the same beliefs as themselves. My family’s connection to the College, whether it be as a student, as staff or volunteering, allows us to actively live out the calling of Christ to be salt and light within our community. It is my hope that the good news of Jesus can be proclaimed, heard and accepted by those who make connections within our community.

Active involvement in God’s church has been an important focus of my life for almost 20 years, during which time I have been heavily involved with local churches across a variety of roles from youth ministry leader to running an outreach within an indigenous community. In the last five years I have been active within the Wagga Baptist Church including being involved in ‘The Bush Apprenticeship’, a theological course.

Over the last 11 years my work has taken me to Visy’s busy pulp and paper mill in Tumut where I am currently employed as a lead process controller.

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