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meet the community team

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Community Team

Dani and Liv are passionate about people – welcoming, connecting and communicating with each family. They have experienced the positive impact that great communication and connection between the College and families can have on not just students’ lives but the people who surround them – their classmates and their families. As the Community Team, Dani and Liv are here to help you find your place in the College Community. Make sure you say hello, they look forward to meeting you.

Meet the Community RELATIONS Officer

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The College is founded on the principle of parent partnership - parents and staff working together towards great outcomes for students. Mrs Dani van Berkel, the Community Relations Officer, has the privilege of connecting with the parent, staff and student community towards this goal.


“Transitioning to a new area can present significant challenges, especially trying to find a new school for your children. However, discovering the warmth and friendliness of the community at this College has been truly heartwarming.I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity as the new Relations Officer  to grow relationships and to bring people together within this welcoming environment. ”

Mrs Danielle van Berkel, Community Relations Officer.

Contact Dani directly on 02 6923 8843 or

Community Relations Offi


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Liv's role within the College community team revolves around engaging with new, current and prospective families, warmly inviting them to become part of our College community. Our aim is as a community to cultivate environments and to provide opportunities where everyone feels welcome and supported.

“ For more than 15 years, I have experienced the support of the College community . Having being a student in the past and now serving as a staff member, the College has been a guide and a source of encouragement as I have grown and matured. I am blessed to have the opportunity to connect with new families and channel my creativity, utilising the gifts God has given me. ”
Miss Olivia Weeks, Community Relations Assistant

Contact Liv directly on 02 6923 8852 or email the College Community Relations Assistant.

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