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shapes and informs the culture and practices within our College.

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Our College is a positive, caring environment that assists individuals to achieve their God-given potential by recognising their own unique gifts and abilities. This is to prepare them to achieve the tasks and contribute to the relationships they will face as adults in God’s creation.

We want a community that not only believes in the Bible as God’s good news story but also seeks to live out this gospel as recipients of God’s grace and obedient servants to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to promote an environment that reflects Christ’s teachings, a place where love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are promoted.

Our staff are devoted Christians from a range of denominations, seeking humbly to display Christ likeness in word and action.

Our teaching practices are a reflection of the value that God places on individuals and seeks to ignite a love of learning and excellence in each student.

We are dedicated to excellence in Christian education that develops students as ‘whole’ people.

Devotions, worship services and Christian Life Studies classes are integrated with the normal school program.

Students are encouraged to develop a personal Christian faith and to discover biblical answers to contemporary challenges.

The Preschool to Year 12 nature of the College fosters a family environment that develops responsibility and trust between peers and multi-aged young people.

We affirm the role of parents in educating their children as a God-given mandate and commit to a strong home/student/school partnership, each contributing in its way to an exceptional education.

The College desires to support the local Christian churches.

The College is an Association Member of Christian Education National (CEN), Australia.

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