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Champion Ewe Holbrook Wool and Sheep Fair

23 May 2022

The College won the Open Judging of the White Suffolk Ewes at the Holbrook Sheep and Wool Fair last Thursday.

The College, as part of the Open Competition which was open to not just schools but studs as well, won Champion White Suffolk Ewe, first and second in Pair of White Suffolk Ewes, first, second and third in White Suffolk Ewe two tooth and third in White Suffolk Ewe milk tooth.

The College has standing in showing Cattle, winning Most Successful School, Hoof and Hook Grand Champion at the last big Royal Melbourne event, but this is the first Sheep Show the College has participated in. As such, Mrs Belinda Everingham, Agriculture Teacher, and her student sheep team were very excited!

“We entered Holbrook with the expectation that students would learn the ropes and set a foundation for coming years. To walk away with such prestigious awards blew us out of the water, but it is a team effort and thanks must go to the Edyvean Family from Gunyah Pastoral Company who sold us our 6 foundation White Suffolk ewes in 2020 and who continue to support the College Sheep Program through donation of a ram each year.”

As Mrs Belinda Everingham enthused, "These moments are like gold for our students - working out in the field, using skills and knowledge from their foundational classroom lessons, students are growing in confidence and ability when they act as ambassadors for the College in a competition setting."

“The College has a committed Agriculture team with students from Year 5 and up turning up at the yards at each lunchtime to care for and work with the animals. The Senior students play such an important role training those with less experience. There is opportunity for students who don’t have a direct connection with the land to grow their awareness and knowledge of stock through our Ag program at the College. Competitions such as Holbrook give a focus to all the work done by our Ag student team.”

There are so many people and organisations who make participation in such events as Holbrook Sheep and Wool Fair possible. In addition to the Edyvean Family from Gunyah Pastoral Company, our thanks also go to the organising committee of the Holbrook Sheep and Wool Fair, the judges and stewards. A special thanks to Gordon Close, Finley, an extremely knowledgeable sheep exhibitor for all the advice. Without the invaluable support of local breeders, shearer (Alan Hurst), feed suppliers (Evan Fryer & Armstrong Estates), Wilks & McKean Livestock & Property, McGuire Livestock Transport, Southwest Stockfeeds, Delta Ag and Wagga Wagga Veterinary Hospital these amazing opportunities for the students would not be possible.

Summary of All College Results

Schools Day - Interbreed

3rd place – Ewe, milk tooth, less than 12 months of age

3rd place – Junior Fleece judging – Jared Owers

Open Sheep Judging – White Suffolk Section

Champion White Suffolk Ewe

1st & 2nd Pair of White Suffolk Ewes

1st, 2nd, & 3rd – Ewe, two tooth

3rd – Ewe milk tooth

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