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Coolamon art exhibitions

Week 7 Term 3, 2023

I recently had the pleasure of attending the YIELD Festival Gala Night in Coolamon where I was blown away by the incredible talent of our local artists. This celebration included the Coolamon Up2Date Art Exhibition and the Capture Coolamon Photography Competition. Undoubtedly, both exhibitions stand as a testament to the wealth of artistic talent within our local community. The sheer amount of artworks on display and the diversity of the artists and art styles is a testament to the vibrancy of our local art scene. It's heartening to witness the achievements of our students in this context. Tahlia Scadden's triumph in the High School Art section and Jemina Nugent's victory in the High School Photography section were truly commendable. Their works not only demonstrated technical skill but also a deep understanding of their craft, revealing emotions and stories that resonated with viewers. Caitlyn Lupis and Jessica Tamme also deserve recognition for their exceptional contributions. Their highly commended photography entries spoke volumes about their dedication and artistic vision. The entries of Ruhi Rao, Isla Tokley, Leo Wang and Georgia-Lee Hale were outstanding and show great skill and creativity, all of which are on display and for sale.

A big thank you to all involved in this year’s event, including the generous sponsors, without which these wonderful experiences and important opportunities would not be possible for our students and local artists. The exhibitions are open daily 10am-4pm at the Up to Date Store in Coolamon until Sunday 10th September. Enjoy a drive to Coolamon (it will be delightful with the canola fields in full yellow bloom) and enjoy the breathtaking art on show.

Mrs Amanda Martinez,

Secondary Art Teacher.



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