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National Champion twice over

March 2022

Becky Roberson, Year 11, was representing Team NSW 2021 at The Nationals Australasian Showhorse and Rider Championships in Melbourne last week and she secured two Championships:

  • Champion Child’s Large Hack Championship over 16hh

  • Champion Child’s Large Pony Championship over 13hh and not exceeding 14 hh

Becky is now looking forward to participating in the Grand Nationals in Sydney in late March.

Congratulations Becky!!

The event was held at Werribee Park Equestrian Centre in Victoria. It is an Australasian Championship with representatives from all states of Australia and usually New Zealand (though there were no competitors from New Zealand this Year). To compete at this event you have to have qualified 1st, 2nd or 3rd at the relevant State Championship show (this was held in November 2021). Becky qualified both horses as they were both Champion Childs at this show. Nationals is a very prestigious event as you only have one chance to qualify each year.

Becky also qualified in her Rider 15, 16, 17 years and was placed 4th over all in this competition. Her Galloway Rosedale Rembrandt (Riley) also qualified and was placed equal 3rd and ended up 4th on rescore.

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