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Netball Nsw schools cup (15-6)

Term 2, 2023

Last week, we had 4 Secondary teams from Year 7 to Year 10 spend the day competing in the NSW Netball School Cup. The Year 9/10 girls showcased their strong teamwork, achieving a win and a draw in their games. Although they faced a tough opponent, TRAC, and were ultimately defeated, they displayed resilience. Mercy stood out as an impressive defender, while Brenna skillfully worked in the goal circle. On the other hand, the Year 9/10 boys were unstoppable, they came out victorious in all their games! Their outstanding performance secured them the first-place position and a chance to compete in the Regional competition in Albury. A big congratulations to the boys for their exceptional achievement! Cooper's intercepts were truly impressive, and Zac excelled as an excellent Centre. The team displayed remarkable shooting skills, and their quick and accurate passes demonstrated their transferred basketball skills.

In addition to the impressive performances from the Year 9/10 teams, the Year 7/8 girls showed their determination and skills, winning all of their games except one. Although they faced a setback in the finals, they played like true champions and didn't give up. Their perseverance and effort were commendable, and they should be proud of their accomplishments. Similarly, the Year 7/8 boys gave their all and put up a good fight in their matches. They displayed a great level of commitment and dedication. Both the boys and girls teams enjoyed the competition and showed immense support and encouragement for one another throughout the day.

Overall, all the teams worked well together, showcasing their abilities and ensuring a fantastic day of competition. A big thank you to our amazing scorers and umpires as well as Mrs Johnson and Mrs Vidler for coaching all of the teams and being such a great encouragement to them!



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