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Preschool Learn About Bees!

Week 5 Term 4, 2023

This term, Preschool’s Wombats have been learning about where our food comes from and the different plants and animals that God created to be involved in the production process. Bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem, prompting Preschool to investigate their vital task of gathering nectar from flowers and transforming it into honey. Additionally, the research explores their role in pollinating other flowers, contributing to the growth of plants. Students learnt about the sections of a hive and the different roles bees have within their hive. Mrs Deighton and her Year 9/10 Child Studies class brought in a beehive to help the children understand bees and hives and spoke about how they make honey. Preschool found it amazing to see real bees at work and even found the queen bee!


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