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State stem Champions!

Term 4 2022

Congratulations to Orca, winning New South Wales State Champions 2022 in the Large ROV Professional Class - Secondary SUBS in Schools Competition.

Orca was tasked to manufacture, develop, and market a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). This challenge enables students to explore maritime engineering and hydrodynamics as well as learn essential skills for future use. The team has members ranging from Years 7 - 10, including Ellie Baldock, Victoria Selga, Aryton Miller, Toby Hefren and Mati Gunda.

This competition requires dedication and persistence over a period of months. Students develop their 'soft skills' which make team work possible - communication, leadership and presentation skills. The benefits to each team member as they participate in this competition are significant and help set them up for working environments outside the comfort of secondary school.

In addition to State Champions the team won:

* Best Manufactured ROV

* Best Sea Trial

* Best Engineered

* Best Engineered CAD

* Best Graphic Design

Congratulations Orca!!

From Team Manager Eleanor Baldock:

After a long bus ride, with our team divided between the F1 bus and the SUBS bus, we finally arrived at the University of Western Sydney, where we stayed for the week. We were split up into dorm rooms, which we all loved because we had our own rooms, but communal spaces so we could all talk and work together whenever we wanted. The first day of the competition was the water trials, which our team was so proud of. We got 180 points out of 200, which is a fantastic score, and we went to the next venue full of smiles, and the fish and chips we picked up on the way.

Our trade display was set up that afternoon, and the next day we prepared for a long day of team interviews and speeches. We did a Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing talk, a Trade Display talk and a General Interview. These were very nerve-racking, as a lot of our team members weren’t super confident with public speaking. We were really happy with our overall results, and we had a great time with all the other teams. This experience helped us to grow as a team, as well as growing as people as we learned to cope with high-pressure situations, while also having a great time.

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