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Wagga Show Success

Term 3, 2022

Outstanding success at the return of the Wagga Show for the College Ag team. Representing the College across both the sheep and cattle classes students placed in parading and judging. Both areas of competition require clarity of mind and the ability to work with both the animal and the environment. For judging students are required to present using a microphone. This is no small task with a large audience of both strangers and familiar faces listening in.

Massive congratulations to the team and Mrs Belinda Everingham, Ag Teacher, and supporting parents - your help and encouragement is invaluable.

White Suffolk Sheep Section

1st and 2nd ewe milk tooth

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in ewe tooth and over

1st and 2nd pair of ewes

Intermediate Sheep Paraders

1st Milly Bennett

2nd Ned Bergmeier

3rd Sophia Owers

4th Harleigh Lang

5th Jack Graham

Sheep Junior Judging – Junior Section

1st Tom Reynolds

Sheep Junior Judging – Intermediate Section

1st Ned Bergmeier

2nd Jemima Nugent

3rd Milly Bennett

Cattle Section

Intermediate Paraders

1st Jemima Nugent

4th Daniel Goode

6th Milly Bennett

Intermediate Cattle Junior Judging

1st place Jemima Nugent



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