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Windows of Wondering

August 2023

Recently, Year 11 Art students had the opportunity to visit past student, Brittany Hefren’s exhibition, Windows of Wondering, at the Wagga Art Gallery. In this exhibition, Hefren explores connection to place and memory through photography, poetry and interactive sculpture. These photographs depict the neighbourhoods of Wagga Wagga where she lives, and Cootamundra where she grew up. Hefren invites the audience to reflect on their own connection to place and to view their surrounds with a new wonder.

Students reflected on Hefren’s ability to masterfully encapsulated the interplay between memory and the present moment. They were encouraged to work hard and start projects early, and they were inspired to explore powerful and personal concepts for their upcoming HSC Body of Works. Brittany has herself completed her HSC Visual Arts Body of Work at WWCC and shared many insights. It was invaluable for students to see the opportunities available for artists beyond school and the success that can come from working within the local art community.

Thank you, Brittany for inspiring our students and encouraging viewers to embrace mindfulness, and to observe the world with fresh eyes. Check out her amazing artworks using the links below:

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