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Recycled Paper

Year 6's Creativity Soars

Year 6 are busy creating some amazing bird collages made from paper they made during art with Mrs Shannon. 

Students used a mould and deckle to form their own papers from coloured egg cartons and shredded paper from our school recycling bin. With bright yellow, purple and green egg cartons it was a wonderfully tactile way to explore our colour theory learnings!

During the next lesson, students selected one of the top 25 birds found in our region (using the Aussie Bird Count data) and skillfully copied the birds onto paper using a grid drawing technique. Students then broke up the form of the bird into coloured sections which they are now working on to depict using different papers (pictured). It is hoped that the classes’ collaborative project may be useful for the whole of Primary School as they work towards identifying native birds in the Aussie Bird Count during National Bird Week later this year.

We are very blessed to have Mrs Shannon as she enriches the primary art classes by bringing in her art that is found in various exhibitions around the Wagga community. Her work ‘Big Murray’ was awarded first for Works On Paper at the Tumut Art Show on the weekend, and uses all of the same techniques she is teaching our Year 6 budding artists in their classroom studio!

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