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Year 7's Ancient Egypt Museum

week 5 term 4, 2023

Who dun it?! Year 7 put on their detective hats as they investigated the death of King Tutankhamun in their HSIE lessons this term. "For many reasons Year 7 have come to the conclusion that Tutankhamun was murdered at age 19, maybe by his advisor who claimed the throne on Tutankhamun's death or maybe the advisor was in league with his general," Miss Kimberley Scriven, HSIE Teacher explained. The King of Ancient Egypt's tomb was of great interest to the students and today Year 7 students hosted a museum that showcased hand-crafted reproductions of relics from that time period. Students had researched and made items such as papyrus paper, pyramids, canopic jars (including body organs), daggers and the favourite board game of 1400 BC.

Lyan enjoyed learning about the past as a contrast to our present circumstances. "I made a canopic jar which contains the stomach, out of a coke bottle covered with tissue paper and paint for texture and moulded the head of the jackal which forms the lid, out of cardboard and tissue."

"This iron dagger was obviously very precious to Tutankhamun as it was buried directly next to him. It was an indication of his powerful position as the dagger was made from metal which wasn't available to Egyptians for another 3000 years. It is thought that it may have been a gift or a spoil of war from a more advanced civilisation." explained Jacob, "Learning about Egypt in King Tut's time has been interesting, it is much more advanced in terms of transportation, resources and language than I imagined."

Looks like ancient history can be both engaging and fun! Thank you for sharing your projects and discoveries with many other classes this afternoon.

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