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Youth mental health forum 2023

term 2, 2023

This year's Youth Mental Health Forum provided an invaluable opportunity for students across our region to engage with a myriad of schools and local mental health professionals. Students discovered how to effectively navigate issues relating to mental health and wellbeing, and enjoyed learning from the panel of experts who answered questions related to mental health.

The forum provided students with the opportunity to collaboratively develop a ‘Take It Back’ project to implement in their school communities. This project is designed to help students lead awareness-building activities about mental health topics within their school communities. This is a very important way of ensuring students from the wider school community can build their knowledge of mental health and resilience strategies.

Year 12 student Skylah Rankin stated, “I learnt how educating oneself sets us on the path to improvement & empowerment!”

Annabelle Shackleton stated, “This event allowed us to unite and connect.”

Thank you to Burn Bright, Headspace & the YMHF steering committee for all your hard work leading up to this event. Also, a big thank you to all of the local services involved & those who attended to support our students.


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