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Far west zone soccer gala day

Term 2 2023

On Wednesday, 37 Secondary students competed in the Far West Zone CSSA Soccer Gala Day in Parkes. They played with high energy and represented Christ through their actions and words. A highlight was the prayer huddle before and after the 15s boys' games, giving glory to Jesus. Their unity and gratitude translated into success, as they won four games and drew one. All of the boys performed amazingly, with Sam scoring 7 goals!

The Open Girls team faced challenges with a draw, they showed resilience and worked hard to earn a 0-0 draw in their first game. However, they had to play against the same team a second time under the sudden-death Golden goal rule. In their last game, the girls were awesome and got out to a 3-0 lead at halftime, before a big comeback from the opposition with a late goal tying the game at 3-3.

The Open Boys team, led by Skipper, Braden, showed enthusiasm and learning. Will and Zac scored two goals each. Rhys, Harrison, Ephraim, and Jesse supported the defence. Bailey and Archie impressed, and Bonte, Logan, and Christian were strong in the midfield, whilst Robert was playing extremely well in goal.

Overall it was a great day of soccer!


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