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Royal Melbourne Show

September 2023

Senior Champion Parader - a wonderful achievement for Year 12 student Jemima Nugent who competed at Royal Melbourne Show in the Spring holidays, her last show as a school student. Jemima was one of a group of students from Year 5 to 12 who competed in Cattle Parading down in Melbourne. As Year 11 student Hailey Gillard explained, “We all had such a fun time together and we gained amazing experience from it. It was great having Year 5 and 6 students join us and give it their best”.

Involvement in these challenging events provides such moments of growth for our students as they offer real experience and opportunities to enhance their skills. The younger members of the College team benefit from the senior team member's years of experience. "I took note of one of the big things the judges were looking for, which was being aware of your animal." This might seem a given when parading cattle, but for Jemima it was about understanding and being aware of her steer in a way that allowed her to showcase his best qualities so that her performance was more distinctive.

Even though she is no stranger to these competitions and outstanding results, she still feels "really good" about her achievement of Senior Champion Parader. Jemima has always been surrounded by agriculture due to her family being heavily involved in the industry and she plans to keep it that way with a plan to work in Agriculture after she finishes this year's HSC including the possibility of working on a station in remote Queensland, or on more of a local stud farm. Congratulations to all of the students who participated, some notable results include:

Jemima Nugent Senior Champion Parader

Oscar Nugent 1st Intermediate Paraders

Ned Bergmeier 5th in Senior Parading

Holly Peel 5th Junior Paraders

Jemimah Touzel 6th Junior Paraders


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