" Physical health and wellbeing

is an important and legitimate concern in the school’s approach to the education of the
whole person." ​

​​Mr Phillip Wilson, Principal 


At the College sport is an important part of the development of the whole child. Sport and exercise are critical in the academic development and mental health of students. Our priority is to provide students with a diverse range of sports.

The community culture of sport at the College is one where children move through the school and want to give back by leading younger students.

At the College

  • we have a developed culture of strong healthy competition where students strive to compete at the highest level, achieving great results at local, state and national levels

  • Working together as a team using the abilities of each team member is encouraged as the main focus

  • Competing with a proper regard for the integrity of others, especially opponents is both expected and encouraged

  • Children of all capabilities are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of sport


An important part of opportunity and structure of sport at the College is the flexibility for a diverse range of sports based on the partnership between staff and enthusiastic parents within our community. The College can provide a framework, opportunity and avenue for students to compete and practise in their sport of choice. This can be an individual or team sport, and includes sports such as: soccer, athletics, swimming, skiing, diving, AFL, softball, hockey, cricket, gymnastics, equestrian, netball, basketball, rugby, trithalon and mountain biking.

The participation in Riverina sports Gala Days give students the opportunity to compete in a wide range of team sports testing their skills against their peers from other schools.

Gala Days can include:

  • Basketball

  • Netball

  • Soccer

  • AFL

  • Rugby Union

  • Mountain Biking

  • Tennis

  • Touch Football

It is important for students, to give priority in sport to the values of faithfulness, commitment and personal growth in every sporting endeavour, irrespective of winning or losing. Teachers from the College will enc